Day 78: W and Y Sounds.

Finally after almost a month I can say that I have memorised the first forty six characters of Hiragana, I could have done it in a more timely fashion were I not such a lazy individual; in stark contrast, considering that the rest of the characters either feature diacritic marks or are a coupling of two Hirigana it’s not entirely ridiculous to expect learning and remembering the rest to be an expeditious process. At least in my mind.

It’s far from the end of the journey though, in actuality it’s far from the start of the journey! I have to learn Katakana after I’ve got all of the symbols for Hirigana, then and only then can I begin to learn Kanji- I will be using the “Anki” app to supplement my education. Having said that learning the Kanji will be something that I do over a period of years, I’ll need to focus on the everyday symbols and most common language to make it a worthwhile endeavour.

With my plans laid bare I suppose it’s only right that I go on to display what I’ve learned today, and those symbols are.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It would be fair to say that these are some of the ‘hardest’ characters I’ve endeavoured to learn so far, for some reason they just refused to stick in my mind and I had pronounced difficulties in remembering then, particularly “Wa” and “Wo”. Whilst I can recognize them now I still struggle to identify why I had such an arduous time learning them.

Other than that, today was pretty quiet, the weather didn’t permit me to go outside, especially since I left my rain coat at a friends house like an idiot, needless to say, forty mile an hour wind speeds and driving rain (LITERALLY raining sideways) wasn’t a combination that I wanted to walk anywhere in!

As a result I was housebound, hence the small post today- tomorrow will be better.

Until tomorrow.

P.S: Obligatory melon girl is obligatory.


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