Day 79: Blender

There’s a new toy in my kitchen as of recent, I believe I’ve mentioned it before but today was the first time I’ve actually had the pleasure of testing it out; it’s a blender and it is glorious, it is satisfaction given mechanical form and it is ‘LOUD’. If we can put aside the fact that this piece of kit is louder than a buildings death wails it is a beautifully efficient piece and it’s incredulously cathartic to watch ice, fruit and chocolate all be blitzed to oblivion… so gratifying.

Wiith my gushing out of the way I can actually talk about why this is pertinent to my every day life now. So from the start, my neighbours bought this blender recently and they were planning on using it for much the same reason as me, however, since they both accidentaly bought one (I’m guessing as a present for eachother) I got the extra article. It was a really nice gesture in all honesty, I looked it up and this blender is about sixty pounds… nice they’d give it to me instead of returning it… thanks Jean.

The reason why this blender should impact my life with magnitude worth mentioning is that it should make my daily caloric intake more achievable, especially since I realistically need to be inesting top side of twenty five hundred of them a day due to my exercise regimen. The ease of tossing: fruit, yoghurt protein powder and a colrie supplement into a blender is far in excess of actually having to cook a full breakfast, eat it and then clean up afterwards.

Long story short this gift should make eating the stuff I’m supposed to eat, in the right quantities, much easier than it was before, having said that I have no idea whether it will taste any good. As a general rule, the greener the smoothie the worse it tastes, or at least that’s been my experience up until this point, hopefully I can find some way around that… perhaps lemon or orange juice?

Since I can’t really think of a way to lead into it smoothly I’ll just put my daily information here. I woke up at four PM and did not get a shower, I did not brush my teeth and I begrudgingly went downstairs, it was ice cold and it was siling it down… a horrendous start to the day evening. My personal hygene was of little consequence today as I felt ill as all hell.

As if it isn’t hard enough just getting out of bed in the morning, it’s especially difficult when you feel like death, my head hurt, my lungs punished my every breath and the mere thought of food was enough to turn my stomach. Having said that it did begin to pass after a few hours, so I don’t believe that I was ill and by the end of the day I’d managed to binge myself on pies and chocolate… so I can’t have been that poorly.

Aside from the rather magnanimous gift from my neighbours, today was actually kind of shitty… I felt like trash and still didn’t fix my sleep schedule.

Until tomorrow.

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