Day 80: Fanfiction

Today, in a spur of the moment style, I decided that I would try my hand ‘again’ at fanfiction; I’m no stranger to the world of fanfiction though I’m not one to partake in the subsection of the community who indulge in “crack-shipping” I like to stay within the realms of standard canon and fanon. For those of you that are reading this who are not initiated in this particularly weird part of the internet those three terms probably mean nothing to you so I’ll explain them thusly.

Canon: This governs things that happen within the medium itself, i.e: Charcter <a> is dating Character <b>, because this is in the show it is canon. An example of this is that Luke is Darth Vaders son, that’s Canon. It governs the realm of things that the writers of that particular show weave into the script and then show the viewer.

Fanon: Slightly more weird. Fanon is a fan theory, what a fan would like to see in the show or just a concept that they like and would like to explore. Example: Character <a> does not go out with Character <b> in the show, but within the fanfiction writers creative piece Character <a> does go out with Character <b> – That is fanon. Usually a pairing can be denoted as Character <a> x Character <b>

Crack-Shipping: This is where the really weird stuff begins to surface, you’ve gone off the deep end into crack shipping. There are a few ways that this can be displayed but the most common is that two characters from two different IP’s (Intellectual Properties) are shipped (paired) together. For example: Luke Skywalker and Indiana Jones- that’s a crack ship and it is weird as hell! But sometimes good for a laugh.

Crack ship.jpg
Just what is this!

Now that’s out of the way I can say, unashamedly, that I write smut.



As weird as it sounds I found out that I had a particular knack for writing erotica when I was in highschool. Once upon a time I was writing some and my English teacher confiscated it, I expected her to get in touch with some higher power or punish me for creating ‘inappropriate’ material… but she didn’t. Instead she handed me it back a few days later with punctuation checking and some suggestions as to what I should do with it.

That right there, is good teaching! Fostering ability and intrigue within a student should be the mandate of every teacher.

Since these were my own characters and it was realistically a “oneshot” (kind of like a one night stand, but for writing) I had a very limited audience with which I could publish to, so, she introduced me to the world of fanfiction, by using an IP I could show my work to a much larger demographic and, for the first few pieces I wrote, she proofread it before letting me venture out on my own.

She was a wonderful teacher

I’ve written fanfiction ever since… well sort of. A while ago I was writing for the MLP:FIM fandom (Look it up!) and eventually my writing began to peter off, I went from producing a piece of work perhaps every few days to where I am now… not having written in approaching two years.

I decided that perhaps it was time to pick up pen and paper again and start cranking out a few pieces of work, we’ll see where it takes us and perhaps I can finally finish these pieces of work I’ve had going on for a friend. But that’s after I’ve written a work for the: Sakura Trick, Sakurasou No Pet Na Kanojo and Sword Art Online fandoms. Only after I’ve written one story for each of those shows can I proudly proclaim.


But that was a little exposition for today, this was what I spent most of the day doing and it was a good use of time, it’s been a long time since i’ve been creative and this helped me take a load off of my shoulders… it was nice.

Until tomorrow.


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