Day 81: Freemason Meeting Date

Today I finally heard back from my liason within the freemasons, they’ve put me in contact with, got back tome and has passed my application and information over to a gentleman called Brian Vasey. Brian is, in his own words, the “Secretary for lodge 7374” whatever that means; whilst I can guess what being a secretary entails it’s more the designation number that perplexes me since I assume that it can only be the designation of the establishment. A number that large entails that this orginisation is vastly more populous than I once imagined… it’s somewhat daunting in all honesty, but it’s a challenge I’m willing to meet.

The edicts of the organisation proffer an expectation to maintain an exceptionally high moral standard at all times, something I ,well… I don’t always maintain. It’s not to say I’m a bad person, I just understand that sometimes to get the best out of a situation you have to break the rules sometimes. I’m not necessarily a paragon of moral virtue is what I’m saying.

Now considering that I’m trying to get into this orginisation, putting that on a blog that anyone can read probably wasn’t the best idea I’ve ever had, but bearing in mind that the following of this blog is about four people i find it highly unlikely that the admission officers of the group are reading this. If they are well… I’m shit out of luck.

The date for my first meeting is set for the third of February and apparently it’s going to entail me talking to a few members, I can only assume this is the first part of the group trying to figure out whether I’m suitable material or not. Provided I can keep up the facade of believing in a higher power I believe that my own personal merits should be able to carry me through to the finish line.

Whether I’ll be a success after this marathon of an experience I don’t really know, I’d like to say that I’m intelligent enough to predict the outcome of Wednesday night but I’ve never put myself forwards for anything like this before. Applying to an exclusive society that is renowned the world over is certainly a first for me! I would imagine it’s a rather exclusive club to have even applied never mind be accepted.

Other than this and my first experienc with my new blender who I have dubbed “Blendotron” nothing much happened today, though the wonderful taste of a banana and strawberry milkshake is something that I will relive again and again and again… It’s so deiciously tempting.

There is a small booklet that came with the blender, it has a few recipes in it but most of them require rather niche ingredients such as agave syrup… who has that? No one has that! I just use honey insted. I’ll get back to you on my experiments with that at a later date.

Until Tomorrow.


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