Day 82: Freelance

It is only recently that my place of work has made any measurable progress towards actually resolving the discrepancy with my pay, the problem being that I’ve received no pay for over two months work- disgraceful. What makes this worse is, the establishment in which I work is part of a chain of bars, so they have no defence to say things such as “Business is tough at the moment”, last I checked, Wetherspoons is in no danger of going bankrupt! You’d have a better chance of the Nile running dry. I’ve already ranted at how my manager is a layabout who does seemingly nothing towards helping the staff, a statement further backed up by his unwillingness to aid me in my task of seeking pay but, as much as I’d like to be able to blame this on him, it isn’t his fault.

Apparently, the fault lies with “Accounts” and after showing them my bank statement they are completely bewildered as to where my money is going; my sort code is the same as they have on system, as is my account number, and whilst their systems show that there are payments going out to me, my bank statement says otherwise.

As a result of this, and my recent interest in writing I decided to google something.


Freelance Writer

It’s a bit of a long shot, I don’t have any English related qualifications (above GCSE) so I have no idea what kind of writing I might qualify for, or indeed who would want to hire me, but you know what they say: nothing ventured nothing gained. It doesn’t hurt to put myself out there and if I fall flat on my face I haven’t lost anything, but, if it pays off my monetary state can only be bolstered for my efforts right?

So I’ve decided to sign up for a number of freelance work sites and on each one put myself down as a freelance creative writer, editor, and proof reader- that’s the most accurate summarisation of my skills. The site most notable is arguable “Upwork”, formally known as Odesk this site has a wide userbase and a vast array of creative tasks that someone of my inclination can really sink their teeth into.

As for what I want to get from the site, I could suppose something like this: I’d be quite happy writing romance or anything in a fantasy setting, I have strong grounding in this genre in particular (having spent much of my high school life reading romance novels), but the fantasy setting is something new… I don’t really have any experience with it. I’ve read a few fantasy novels in my time, but i’ve never actually written anything in such a setting, I’d be rather thrilled to give it a try but as for it’s quality I cannot be sure. C’est la vie.

High fantasy.jpg
High-Fantasy would be my poison of choice.


I’m sure I’ll get something eventually.

When I do get something I’ll be certain to write it down here and documentits failure or success.

Until tomorrow.

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