Day 83: Dinner with Friends.

The first thing I had to do today was go out and buy a nice bottle of Merlot, I can be a bit of a fiend when it comes to wine but this bottle wasn’t for me. Not long since I was supposed to attend a hairdressers appointment and, me being me, I missed it; it’s not a habit, in fact this is the first time in say two years that I’ve missed an appointment with Grenville, but it certainly warranted an apology and for some reason I was hesitant to give one without a gift. My apolgies always seem somewhat insincere without one.

I’d love to say that I was hugely penitent and that I was generous enough to to get him a fantastic bottle of wine, but that wasn’t the case- I was sorry, but I wasn’t £20’s worth of sorry. I guess he’ll just have to make do with a seven pound bottle, he wont mind… hopefully.

After that I had to return later, looking even more of a tool than I did when I walked into his studio the first time, in order to make a new appointment on the twenty third of February, my hair is getting way too long, it’s getting in my way… my ears are nice and warm though. Whilst I could go to any hairdressers and have it snipped I only really trust Grenville to do it, I was introduced to him a few years ago and I travel quite a way to have it done by him. The reason why I’m so adamant on him doing my hair is simply because if he thinks your hairstyle wont suit you, he’ll tell you it will look stupid and will style something similar, but something that will suit you.

I trust his judgement and that’s a rarity.

Finally I managed to leave the studio with my tail between my legs and cheeks as red as beets but I still had a few things to do, not the least of which was attending a dinner date with some friends and since the other tasks of the day were mundane message running and shopping I’ll skip right to the meal.

Myself, Thomas and Foggy all went out to a Caribbean themed resaurant that had opened on the high street not long since, the name escapes me though. Since we didn’t go out this Monday and Foggy couldn’t get drunk since he had work in the morning, we settled on an evening meal.

The restaurant was nice, it was almost homely despite the prime real estate it was built on, the whole place really gave off a feeling of fraternity amongst customers and staff and it was oddly bewitching.

I ended up falling for my personal cravings and got a Caribbean fish curry and it was HOT!!! I’m not talking about, make your mouth water hot, I’m talking about the kind of mouth numbing fiery sensation that only gets worse the more water you drink… but I couldn’t stop eating it. I could have sworn that at some point during the meal both, my eyes were watering and my nose was running, it was punishingly tasty and worth the pain.

Ten out of Ten. This curry was amazing!

That coupled with a desrt of rum cake and vanilla ice cream really topped off the evening nicely, it was more tame than going out to a bar and drinking more than we probably should, but having said that, I think I might have preferred the latter this week. I need to blow off some steam.

Until tomorrow.

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