84: The First Step to Japan

After a delay of around a month I finally got a confirmation letter from my local college, It’s a big thing and I thought I’d be more resentful than I, in fact, am currently; I wont go into it in this post, but suffice to say that I have been egregiously mistreated by this particular group of colleges. I’m happy to be going back to education, but less than thrilled to be going back to such a distasteful group of establishments.

It’s a solid first step though.

The reason why this is pertinent to the title of this blog is, I intend to apply for the “Monbukagakusho” scholarship offered by the Japanese government and hope to secure a place through embassy recommendation. Obviously this all hang on the actual outcome of my academics though, I don’t believe that will be an issue- I’m pretty good with that sort of thing.

Of course there are ways that I can bolster my chances of acceptance, such as being able to speak and write a large portion of the language when I apply, even though I’d have to go through a year long cultural and language study anyway and by bolstering my resume with other things such as “Freelance Writer” for example, including references from that line of work and a vast array of accomplishments and extracurricular activities as well.

The English education system neglected my needs and persecuted me for trying to defend myself and return to education and for this slight I shall take my talents elsewhere.

Attempting to study in Japan was a decision that I made due to a few contributing factors. The culture is fascinating and the dynamic of its people is equally as riveting, the country produces, arguably, my favourite medium of entertainment (anime) and, most importantly, it is the birthplace of my field of study.


Consequently it is also one of the finest places in the world to pursue the study of it.

And this all happened before breakfast!

The day took a somewhat more sombre tone after breakfast, I had to take a prescription to the chemist and it was only whilst I was there that I ran into my Jean’s husband Bob. Unfortunately I had found out not long ago that Bob’s brother had passed away, from what I can gather he had been ill for a while and had, unfortunately, slipped his mortal coil.

I really wanted to say my condolences to him there and then, I know how awful it is to lose someone though I can only imagine the pain that one must endure upon losing someone you’ve spent fifty years of your life with but, eventually, I decided that because the funeral is tomorrow and that it’s still very much an open wound for him, giving him my condolences in public might not be the best idea. Poor Bob.

I’ll be sure to send a bereavement card to him, hopefully he’ll be alright.

In the evening I decided that I would watch some of the episodes of Sakura Trick again in order to refresh the characters in my mind and to get an idea of the setting and type of story I want to write. Now that I’m writing it, I might watch the full series; it’s one of my favourite anime’s and I believe that it might bestow upon me a better grounding upon which to build a story.

In any case, today was certainly busy, especially since the date for my chat with the Freemasons has been shifted forwards one week to the tenth of February. Hopefully over the next few weeks we’ll begin to see some progress in that regard, but for now… I’m going to go to bed- I am knackered.

Until Tomorrow

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