Day 85: Is This a Do Nothing Day?

As the title of this post indicates, I’m not really certain whether I should classify this as a do nothing day; progress was indeed made towards becoming a better person, but in a strange turn of events I didn’t actually have to do anything for that to occur.

When I woke up I checked my e-mails and, sure enough, the date for my meeting with the Freemasons has been confirmed, I knew the lodge met every week on a Wednesday and since I’d missed this weeks meeting (due to not being invited) I could only stipulate that they would ask me to attend the following one. It turns out I was correct. The date hasn’t been changed and I will get to chat with some of their members on the tenth of February.


After this I figured that it would probably be a good idea to get some breakfast and I returned to a treat I mad a few days ago, though this time I packed it out with more strawberries and honey- I really just had to get rid of them. Here’s what I did.

Strawberry and Banana Smoothie.


  • 120g of Strawberries
  • 1 Banana
  • 150ml of milk (Almond or soy milk works fine too)
  • Honey- sweeten to taste.
  • Optional: A sachet of porridge oats (If you need some get up and go energy)

Whilst it might be beneficial to write out the process of making this smoothie, I feel that if you can’t figure out that you will need a blender and then you will need to put said ingredients into a blender you’ll probably need to ask your parents for assistance. It’s not hard.

Whilst I ate drank breakfast I finally got around to pre-purchasing XCOM 2, yes we’re back to this, full circle. I thought I’d splash out and purchase XCOM 2, it’s certainly my favourite tactical game and I’m thoroughly looking forwards to playing from the aggressors standpoint this time, especially since it’s all revolving around guerilla warfare, a personal speciality of mine. Hit and run, strike surgically and vanish into thin air- an area of games I excel at.

Join us, or Become Them

The rest of the day went pretty slowly and whilst I did receive information that showed that my problem with my pay cheque has indeed been cleared up, I didn’t actually have to do anything for that to happen today either. The accountants for the firm got in contact with me and explained that the missing pay would show up on my pay this month- a welcome surprise as the day progressed into the evening.

The evening meal tonight was somewhat or a pell mell of ingredients. It boasted traditional Anglican fair such as gammon, baked potatoes and watercress but also sported a stir fry that I’d made the day before and, as odd as it may sound, the gammon was amazing when it was covered in the sweet and sour vegetables, I actually managed to impress myself.

As you may have noticed I’m eating much better as of recent and whilst I don’t feel any different I’m certain that if I keep this up, eventually I will either notice or be able to discern a difference in either my attitude of my physique even though I’ve yet to attend a gym.

That, however, was everything that happened today and whilst I really would like to say that I worked hard for all of this, it kind of all fell into my lap, god knows what will happen tomorrow.

Until Tomorrow.



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