Day 86: XCOM 2

Yes, I’ll come out and say it, I did nothing of report today, there was very little for me to accomplish and whilst I could have spent the day studying Japanese or exercising, I was, in actuality, drawn into the ‘utterly frustrating’ world of XCOM 2.

The game released late last night and, as a result of the late redemption of my steam code, this meant the earliest I could play it was this morning; to get the most game time in I did something stupid… stayed up all night. Now, bearing in mind my already shaky sleep schedule this was probably just about the worst thing that I could do… but it has, inadvertently, worked in my favour. It turns out that because I got a few hours sleep between seven and ten this morning, I am tired now at half past eleven at night.

I’m actually having trouble keeping my eyes open, so if this is a shorter post than usual you’ll simply have to forgive me because I will had crashed and fallen asleep at the kitchen table

You know exactly what XCOM is by now, I spent roughly a month and a half playing it so you know all of the ins and outs already. That being said XCOM 2 threw a whole array of different pains my way and I rapidly found out that I could not play the sequel as I did the original… not if I didn’t want to bring home my soldiers in a doggy bag.

For instance, the weakest enemy in the original is now an insufferably psychic that can, in the first mission of the game I might add, mind control your men and force them to kill you… they are ridiculous, and that’s not even counting in the snake ladies or the glittering golden clone machines. This game really really wants you to fail… hard!

The new weakest enemy in the game is an “Advent Soldier” and it follows the XCOM trend of being a glass cannon. It has three health, but its weapons are better than yours and if a soldier is unlucky enough to soak up two volleys of lead he’ll go down faster than a sack of hammers- Still… these “Advent” do only have three health, glass cannons as I said.

Sadly I’m not too far into the game, so I can’t report on whether it’s a success or a cataclysmic failure with any degree of accuracy, though, if current gameplay and story is anything to go by, I’m in for a stormer of a game.

It’s a little short today, but all I did today was play XCOM 2. Sorry.

Until Tomorrow.

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