Day 87: More XCOM

As might be expected of a teenage boy with a new toy, I fully intend to play with it until it breaks, figuratively speaking of course. With that in mind it shouldn’t be a massive surprise to hear that today was also spent doing almost nothing but XCOM; not that I have a one track mind or anything like that, but I have a very goal oriented mind and if that goal is to beat a “Factory” mission, unfortunately I’ll disregard everything else until I complete it (which I did after thirteen hours worth of gaming).

Since it’s very likely that I’ll be playing this game for the foreseeable future I only think it fair to give some exposition on it, should either I or the exceptionally small crowd reading this ramshackle blog take an interest in it.

XCOM 2 is set approximately twenty years after XCOM: Enemy Unknown (and Enemy Within) and the aliens have won. You play as the “Commander” a seemingly enigmatic tactical and strategic genius who lead the previous XCOM project, under the funding of “The Council” to success and repelled the alien threat, or so we thought.

It turns out that whilst you were successful, it was only the enemy vanguard that you brought to a halt and soon after the main invasion force stomped out the project, the worlds military and set up a so called ‘utopia society’. The rather chilling and somewhat realistic side of this ordeal is that it was a long, drawn out process where the populace willingly turned over liberty for security- in essence allowing despotism to take hold over the globe.

This in turn means that you are no longer a defender and the resources you have are far less than what you could commission from the council before, now there is only one member of the council remaining: “The Spokesman”. Following the Spokesman’s wishes you must scour the globe, unite the resistance and engage in guerrilla warfare, take what you can, destroy what you are able and then vanish. You are the aggressor!

The only upside is that you get a positively awesome floating base.

It’s ludicrously cool.

I’m not terribly far into the campaign at the moment so, other than what I’ve already stipulated, there’s not much I can actually add. Not for exposition anyway.

XCOM wasn’t the only thing I did today, I had a friend over too, and whilst it might not have been the most exhilarating of activities, it did give me an excuse to crack open another bottle of wine. I’ve got like three on the go now. Slowly but surely I’m moving through the main reds and I believe I only have Cabernet Sauvignon left to taste, not that I can really discern anything of note though.

Mine is decidedly a young wine.

We played a few rounds of darts and watched an episode of an anime or two, it reminded me that I still need to binge watch Sakura Trick and, further more, actually watch Sword Art Online again, it’s easily my favourite anime and whilst, to some, that’s heresy… I couldn’t give a shit. I like what I like.

Having said that, that’s all and I’m writing this blog in the afternoon of the following day because, by the time Kev left, I was far too tired to produce something of this quality. I’d rather do something well and be late with it than do it poorly and deliver on time.

Until Tomorrow.


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