Day 88: Summaries

Over the last few days I’ve been pondering implementing a more efficient method of creating an overview of my progress towards becoming not only a more morally just person, but also a qualified and talented person as well. Put simply: summaries. I’m not entirely positive how many days should constitute the writing of a summary so, I think, once a month should be sufficient- roughly every thirty days.

I believe the most prudent course of action with these summaries is to create them and then document them as “Pages” on this site rather than simply insert them as blog posts- that way I can see, at a moment’s notice, the progress or regress I made that month. If I were to formulate a prediction, based on the past ninety days or so, I would imagine there will be some mixed results, though hopefully the prevailing trend will be one of steady progress.

The reason I foresee a range of results from these summaries is mainly down to my fluctuating mindset; some days are easy and I can progress through tasks with contemptuous ease, but… some days are not. Some days are horrendous and I can’t bring myself to do anything: panic attacks, laziness and sleepless nights all contribute to my regression. I hate them, but for the moment they’re part of me and in some months they’re more prevalent than in others, hence the up and down between posts, thus, I expect to see the same trend with these summaries, with a less extreme variance in fluctuation of mood and progress.

If that makes sense… I really hate talking about it.

In these reports, as it were, I hope to really flex my literary muscles; so many of these blog posts are written in the evening when the occurrences of the day are the freshest in my mind, but when I’m tired and my ability to craft enthralling recounts of them is weakened. Cruel irony is it not? The reports however should be crafted with much more care and thus, will no doubt, give a greater understanding of my: strengths, weaknesses, progress and regress, within their respective time frame.

They should also be longer as well, these daily blog posts tend to get shorter and shorter the more I realise that I have nothing to flesh them out with other than what I ate and my daily routine, but there’s only so many times you can write that out before each post becomes the same as the last… A copy. It is with that in mind that I propose that I write about the important events of the day and should I not accomplish anything, well… a short post is painful enough for me to write, it is its own punishment.

Believe me, it makes me disgusted with my own laziness… I endeavour never to feel that, hating myself only weakens my resolve and my efforts.

It is with this careful consideration that I propose that I implement these summaries with utmost haste, hopefully this will be a step forwards and provide a useful reference should any readers need a recap.

Until tomorrow.

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