Day 91: The First Meeting

Finally, after being passed from pillar to post by a myriad of different officials, I eventually got to the Free Mason lodge… I was late. Although that’s not the best way to start off any interview, even an informal one like this, they didn’t really seem to mind, especially since their regular members continued to trickle into the lodge for the next half hour or so. I feel as though apalling traffic may have saved my skin and given me the perfect alibi for being late.

After everyone arrived I finally met my liason Brian and he wasn’t at all what I expected, I realistically expected a tall, orderly individual with a no nonsense personality to boot, instead he was a small, jovial fellow who was kindhearted and generous… though there’s every chance I’d describe anyone as that if they’d bought me a nice glass of whiskey too. Once we settled down with our respective drinks a few questions followed and, the most important, according to him, was “Do you believe in a supreme being?” I lied through my teeth and said yes.

That sounds very counterintuitive to a blog I posted a two days ago, though, I’d known all along that I’d have to say yes in order to simply get my foot in the door; I feel no regrets with regards to that minor deceit.

There are, of course more than two rules, but, there are two rules, that I was made aware of, that I’d like to talk about. Rule number one, and the one that confuses me most of all “Do not discuss religion within the lodge”. It’s a wonderful rule and one that I wish other establishments and organisations would impliment, but, I don’t understand why, if you never talk about religion, you ‘have to’ believe in a supreme being.

The second rule, and the one that I agree with most of all, is don’t talk about politics within the lodge, there’s no place or reason for it to be discussed when all it serves to do, in a social situation, is divide opinions and cause infighting. I suppose it does help that I’m not political in any way, sue me, I don’t debate and vote on important things, I’m a man of action and politicians will do what they’ve always done for millenia, discuss.

That aside, I can understand how these rules would benefit the social agenda within the lodge, though I believe that one of the rules simply negates the need for the “supreme being” criteria.

It wasn’t a bad night in all honesty, and whilst most of the members had many a score more years than me to their names, they were all nice- I should think that I’ll E-mail Brian within the coming days and inform him of my ernest interest.

Aside from this, it would be easy to say that I did nothing else today, and whilst that isn’t strictly true, having read The Art of War by Sun Tzu. It gives me what I call ‘ponderers syndrome’ and in laymans terms what that translates to is: two minutes to read, twenty minutes to understand, two hours to grasp firmly and two days to sink in.

In all honesty, I could have read the book from cover to cover in a little under an hour, though, given its status in the world of literature, I could spend an entire lifetime trying to master the knowledge it gave me, and perhaps even longer to be able to implement it perfectly.

That was, however, all I did today and I think that’s a pretty good effort in all honesty.

Don’t you agree?


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