Day 92: Gym

Today was rather slow but that wasn’t a bad thing by any stretch, in fact it gave me some time to write out two of the summary pages, covering the first sixty days of this blog. With each post coming to about seven hundred words they took me about an hour and a half in total; to tell the truth,the hardest part about writing them as looking through each of the blog posts, trying to get a general tone and then extrapolating that and trying to weave it into an overview format. It was no easy task and it was by far the least of my tasks today.

I rolled out of bed early in the morning, at about seven AM am and proceeded to ‘attempt’ to cook some bacon and I use the word attempt because, me being me, I forgot about it and swiftly turned it into a crispy black mess. The reason I neglected my nourishment was because I finally took action on applying to a gym and to my surprise they called me right then an there, I got talking and sadly turned my bacon into something only fit for the cat (who didn’t complain by the way).

So, I got talking with the assistant manager for the “Any Time Fitness” Gym within my area, this twenty four hour gym organisation seemed to be the logical choice for me being that it’s local, is fairly cheap and is open all hours to accommodate my… unusual sleeping hours.

I am ashamed to admit that my willpower is something that leaves much to be desired, by no means am I a weak willed cretin who will fall pry to the most honeyed of words or the mildest of threats from others but, instead, I’ve got terribly poor control over my own actions. If something can be avoided, chances are I will avoid it, but if something has to be done, I will more than likely leave it until the last moment and then perform the task as quickly as possible- terrible self control.

To this end it is why I have considered commissioning the help of a personal trainer to create a personalised work plan and find a way to implement an incentive based system and Pavlonian train me to associate workouts with reward. I hate working out, I really do, it hurts, it burns and I ache afterwards, what I crave is the end result so anything I can do to make it less of an arduous process plays a big part in my ‘way’.

Moving swiftly onwards from this, I, later in the day, took a walk down to my friends house, we were supposed to be going out to lunch, though when I got there he was leaving his house and explained to me that his grandmother had had a fall and that it would be a great help if I would go down to her house with him and help her up off of the floor. I did without reservation and we eventually got the old dear back in bed and made her something to eat.

I suppose I can count that as my good deed for today.

Eventually after some paramedics came round and gave her the all clear, assuring us that she hadn’t broken anything and that she was safe to be left alone, I went back home and made do with beans on toast for dinner, it was getting late by this point and, if this post seems somewhat lack lustre it’s because.



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