Day 96: JSA

Perhaps today was a blessing in disguise, it’s hard to tell, it felt more like a slap around the face than a backhanded compliment. Today I quit my job, the reasons behind my departure revolved, predominantly, around their reluctance to pay me what was owed to me; I will state however that, whilst a discrepancy with my pay could have contributed to this, I probably left because a combination of: the job, the people and my manager really made me feel undervalued and unsatisfied.

This leaves me in a peculiar situation and, more notably, one that is extraordinarily JSAunlikely, I’m now in the position to earn far more money that I was before, for doing significantly less work; I now qualify for job seekers allowance. To most people this is the last resort and in a way it is for me as well, to the rest of the population JSA is a sharp fall in pay but for me the inverse is true, I’d earn more money.

It’s a matter of principle really, I’d rather earn less money and not be on job seekers allowance than earn more on it, however that’s an idealistic point of view and, A jobunfortunately, since I’ve not been paid for three months,  I now ‘have’ to apply for this government support in order to make ends meet. There was a time that I’d have been too proud to accept something akin to JSA, but, needs must and I need that cash injection. In truth I know that I would rather be in work, earning less money, than out of work, earning more; it’s an odd sentiment to hold, but it’s one I’m certain many people can relate to. Principle is king.

Principles aside however I know that I have basic needs, I need: a house, food and drink (and most importantly, internet), and all of these things cost money, money I don’t have.

So today was a blessing in disguise for two reasons.

  • One: I’m in a position to earn more money, potentially more than double what I was earning before.
  • Two: I’ve got a chance to actually try and find a job that I can stand for a year and one that will allow me to earn, both, more money and wont make me want to jump off a bridge.

So, we’ll see where this takes me, but I suppose all the travelling I’ll be doing around town should at least allow me to make a dent in my new choice of book.

Small graces.

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