Day 97: Finished Hiragana

Hiragana is complete, finally after a little over a month of study I’ve finally managed to learn and retain every single symbol within the Hiragana writing system. It’s been a rough few days as I’ve tried to power through the final thirty three symbols and I must admit, I’m rather ashamed to say that in the process my anger may have gotten the better of me on more than one occasion.

It’s exceptionally easy to mistake one symbol for another, so many of them look almost exactly like one of their sister symbols, for example take the symbols for “ha” and “ho”.

Apart from a single stroke atop of the right most pictograph these two symbols are exactly the same and at a glance it’s very easy to see ho as ha and ha as ho which can change the meaning of a word completely.

That being said the last thirty three characters of Hiragana don’t, in fact, bring anything new to the table, they only use symbols you’ve learned before hand but in a slightly different way.


For Example.

All of the final set of symbols follow this rule, they are all part of the “i” column and the sound that they make is completely determined by the second part of the symbol, a ‘small’ icon that determines what vowel sound will follow the first letter. The only notable distinctions are “Chi”, “Shi” and “Ji” which turn into Chu, Cha and Cho, Shu, Sha and Sho and Ju, Ja and Jo respectively.

This does however mean that this miniature series on Hiragana of mine has officially come to a close, for some that will be a godsend and for others it will be a major blow, but, it does now allow me to move onto learning Katakana, which I will start learning later in the week.

For now though, I’m just about ready for a nightcap and a warm bed. Goodnight.




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