Day 98: Induction Day

Today I was invited to my local college campus for my induction day, one of the benefits of actually having my GCSE grades as opposed to a student with predicted grades is that a college or university can deal with you at face value and they know that you will be able to do the course you applied for. With that in mind I was invited to an induction day thanks to a successful application I launched some time ago.

When I arrived there was a small selection of young adults waiting in the foyer, they had donned name tags and all looked suitably uncomfortable at the prospect of striking up a conversation with their potential peers- I’d be lying if I said I felt any different. I was however one of the few people who tried to have a bit of a chat and eventually I did get a rapport going with a Lithuanian fellow, he was nice and was a successful engineering student who was looking to try his hand at a different field (English literature).

It was a welcome distraction for the thirty minutes I was waiting around waiting for the tutors to come and pick up their respective students, which they eventually did; after a short walk through the campus they eventually gave us a small literacy and numeracy test (which I aced) before pulling us in, one at a time, to chat about what we wanted to do after college.

mechatronics_armsI told them that I wanted to study mechatronic engineering, which they wholeheartedly supported and readily suggested the best way that I could go about reaching that goal, I also told them that I intended to make use of the Monbukagakusho scholarship which, again, they supported though pointed out the glaring difficulties with my plan.

Number one being that and Access Course is a course that prepares you for entry into a UK university, it’s tailored towards learning the skills required to excel within a domestic university setting, however, the wording of “embassy recommendation” for the Monbukagakusho scholarship is worded as.

monbukagakusho MEXT

An applicant must be eligible for university entry in their own country.

It’s a grey area and I will be contacting not only the Japanese embassy in London in the coming weeks, but will also be contacting the JASSO organisation (which offers advice to foreign students looking to study in Japan) and MEXT (the ministry for education in Japan)

That’s all for today though, so good night world.



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