Day 99: Hannah’s Hand

I was roused from my sleep today at the ungodly hour of five in the morning by a surprising text message from a friend; as I rolled to my side and dragged the leather clad phone from my bedside, too lazy to lift it up, I thought to myself.

“What is so damn important that someone has to get my attention now” Though, perhaps not in so many words and perhaps I’ve chosen to omit some vulgar language from my tail as well. Eventually, after fumbling around in the dark for a minute or so, I managed to unclasp my phone’s case and read the text. Usually I’d have scanned the message and then dropped my phone to the floor, resolving to deal with whatever it was when I woke up, at this time I’d only been asleep for about an hour or so, however this was different… the message read as such.

Zach fallen down stairs my hand hurts whenever I move it come help NOW! Broken?

Without wanting to sound patronising, Hannah is a bit of a wuss- particularly when it comes to pain. I did, I admit, consider going back to sleep, but something didn’t feel right about that so after two minutes of vying with my own conscience as to whether she did or didn’t need my help I ‘eventually’ slung my legs off the edge of the bed and began to get dressed.

I still don’t understand why she didn’t ring the ambulance there and then, I even remember thinking it as I jogged over to her house but, then again, I didn’t have the broken hand, she might have been scared and wanted a friend there- I honestly don’t know, I’d have just rang an ambulance.

When I got there the door was open and when I walked I found her at the base of the steps cradling her hand like it was a broken baby bird, delicate and in pain. I must admit, I thought that she might have embellished the facts but, no, it was broken and with the way that two of her fingers were I’m surprise that A: she managed to grin though the pain and punctuate her text, and B: that the text ended with “Broken?” as if that was even a question.

After calling for an ambulance and accompanying her to hospital I stayed with her until my mind gave out and I collapsed, I woke up some time later, at about three in the afternoon and found that she was asleep having gone through minor surgery in her hand; bones had to be reset and pinned in place but the doctors say she’ll have full range of movement which is good.

I rummaged around in her personal effects and got her phone and rang her parents. When they showed up I offered to stay, but they insisted I should go, but I made sure to be there when she woke up. At least her family are aware of her state and I’ll check back whenever I can.

I called her a wuss at the beginning of this post but, in all honesty with how she handled it all, she’s worth her salt.

Tough lass.

(I’m sorry for the lack of pictures, but it seemed a touch invasive on this one)

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