Day 100:Dates

February 21st 2016

Dates are of crucial importance for me, perhaps even more so than to the every man you see on the street, because, whilst I use them much like any other person, to mark down days where I need to do things, I also use them as metaphorical ‘signposts’ for my memories- the good and the bad. For example, a good memory is, remembering when I started this record and the circumstances for that.

It was November the 14th and something caused me to snap, I’ve tried to put my finger on just what that was but it’d be more accurate to say that it was a number of things all at once, and that caused me to desire a severe change not only in my life in general but also in who I am as a person. Thus this blog was born.

Much like anyone though, I do slip up, I get dates wrong and I confuse the events of one day with another which, ordinarily, wouldn’t be an issue but it does defeat the point of this blog if I’m happy to transcribe one days events into another day’s synopsis. If you couple this with the fact that, like anyone else, sometimes I have busy days and can’t publish a post or sometimes I simply forget and have to play catch up (like now) it means that the arbitrary title of “Day <Insert number here>” can be more than a little confusing.

To combat this I will be adding dates to the top of each post and will be posting two days later than I usually would, i.e: a post for January 1st would go up on January 3rd; my reasons for beginning to post like this are two fold.

  • Number one: Since I’ll still be writing the posts on the day that they correspond to it will mean that, should I be otherwise indisposed, all I would have to do is press ‘publish’ and the post for two days ago will go up, meaning I’m not playing catch up- posts go up on when they’re supposed to go up.


  • Number two: I’m not perfect, far from it and having these extra two days to hold on to a post will mean that not only can I iron out ant wrinkles in the text, but I can format it with time to spare as well, making it more presentable and a better overall read.

Having said that, this is the hundredth day and I’m actually rather proud to have made it this far; this blog is firmly part of my life now and it’s an excellent place to vent my frustrations, chart my progress (or regress) and to pen plans and make goals for me to achieve. It’s taken me about a hundred days to get used to the formatting and to get into the swing of things with it but that’s only to be expected when emerging from a period of lethargy in life. I’m proud of this blog, and of myself, though there’s still work to be done on it.

A hundred days! Here’s to a hundred more!


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