Day 101: Starting Katakana & Reading Fanfiction

February 22nd 2016

It’s fair to say that I couldn’t think of a witty or even a brief title for this post, so everything that follows is going to be in line with that title. The day started out pretty slowly, but at a rather unsociable hour; I woke up at six AM, on the dot, and immediately grunted out in pain. I don’t know what had happened, whether I’d slept on it funny or whether I’d pulled something during the day but it felt like my arm had been clean wrenched out of its socket- the pain was unbearable.

Whilst it was easily one of the most painful things I’ve experienced in the past year or so the pain disappeared almost as quickly as it appeared, but after that jolt of pain and the accompanying influx of adrenaline there was no way that I was getting back to sleep.

I felt tired all day, as if i wasn’t run ragged enough. Despite my obvious fatigue I managed to sit down and idly pan over some Katakana, since this was my first encounter with the writing system I learned the five most basic symbols and they were.

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In the words of my friend and tutor.

They’re basic, but they’re a start.

Bearing in mind that the only thing on my mind at this point was collapsing into a heap on the sofa and sleeping off the rest of my doziness, there was very little else that I had the energy for, but one of the things I could do was read some fan fiction.

I’m picky with what I read and I’m picky with the anime that I watch, but there is one show that holds a special place in my heart, an anime by the name of “Hyouka”. It’s a slice of life, mystery novel based around the ‘average’ adventures of four high school students: Houtarou Oreki, Eru Chitande, Mayaka Ibara and Fukube Satoshi- with the first two names being the main protagonists.

I feel as though there’s something to be learned from Oreki’s personal mantra.

If i don’t have to do something, I wont, if I do have to do something, I’ll make it quick.

I didn’t say it was a good saying but it’s one that resonates with me on my lazy days.


Were it not for Eru’s inability to deduce almost anything, this picture sums the show up perfectly.

The fan fiction that I got so engrossed in is called “Vanilla Sunday” and it’s seven chapters long, just over forty two thousand words and, unfortunately, I fell asleep before being able to finish the story, so whilst I can certainly state that what I’ve read so far is very enjoyable I can’t give my final verdict- that will come tomorrow.

Thank you for reading.


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