Day 102: The Doctors on a Vanilla Sunday

February 23rd 2016

Broken handI’m writing this post a little earlier in the evening today, so there could be more that will happen today- if that is the case you’ll hear about it in tomorrow’s post. The reason I’m writing this so early is because I’m going to grab an early night, I need to be up and at the hospital for eight AM tomorrow to make sure I’m there to discharge with Hannah.

She might see this but I don’t really care; part of me wants Hannah, she’s sweet, pretty and smart but she’s too close to Sophie and I can’t help but wonder whether that’s the reason I’m helping her so much. Is it? I don’t know, but it rends into me when she smiles, it’s so similar, so close to the bone… I don’t know how to feel about that. Am I helping her because it’s who I am, or am I helping her because she makes me think of Sophie?

I don’t really know, but it’s only right to continue to help her regardless of my perceived conflict of interests.

With that out of the way, today I did as I said I would and finished reading Hyouka:Vanilla MineSunday (or at least as much as is published as of posting this). My verdict is that it was very good, it isn’t exceptional and has a somewhat transparent plot, but that doesn’t matter, I knew that going in and I elected to go in anyway because I knew that it would do what the writer intended it to do. It would make me forget the world and feel good.

I don’t know how many of you who are reading this can remember your first love; not your first crush… your first love. I do and this fiction portrays the confused mess of emotions a teenage couple no doubt fumble through should they be ‘lucky’ enough to fall in love. It’s like reading an excerpt from my own love life, erotica and all.

Perhaps that’s a little too much information to simply hand out to near strangers, but if that’s not what this blog is for then I really don’t know why I’m writing it. This fan fiction comes highly recommended if you’re interested, at all, in a piece of highly emotionally evocative writing that accurately depicts the turbulent discovery of love and sexuality in a teenage couple’s life.

10/10 – Without a doubt, stunning and earnestly heartfelt

After finishing reading this I decided that I should ring my GP and get an idea of when she can look at my knee; since the physio that she prescribed me has only aggravated the injury I can only assume that it’s not working. The official date for the appointment is the tenth of March, so I’ll make sure that I keep that and fill you guys in on what happens.

Other than that I’ll keep reading, keep writing and keep reviewing fan fiction, it could be a nice little supplement to this blog, don’t you think? I do.


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