Day 103: Hannah is Home

February 24th 2016

Hannah is home, safe and sound but it would be a lie if I said that it went smoothly (though nothing seems to do these days) not that I really expected anything different. Whenever I deal with Hannah it’s a mix between the worst parts of her inquisitive nature, i.e: she asks every question she can about the smallest things possible, but misses the overall picture, and this very nature proceeding to eat up all the time in the world.

Her hand is the perfect example of this. Before she was discharged the doctor came and sat with us, instead of responding to the question “Do you have any questions” with a simple shake of the head and a smile Hannah decided that she must know every intricacy of the situation. These intricacies included: who performed the surgery, what bones were broken, what the procedure to realign them was and what kind of cast it was on her hand, just to name a few. Now it might be fair to say that, yes, this is her body and she has the right to know all these things, but she missed the big picture.

Not once did she ask when she will be able to use her hand again, whether she’ll have full range of movement or even when she’d have to come in to get the cast off of her hand. She’s so curious, but in all the wrong ways. It’s annoyingly adorable, with the operative word there being ‘annoyingly’.

Her questions ate up about a solid three hours, it’s not really an issue in general when her inquisitiveness gets the better of her, usually one of us can quash the situation readily but, in this case, she held all the cards and I couldn’t really tell her to stop- no matter how much I wanted to. Finally though, after all that time, she was satisfied and her curiosity was slaked which meant we could leave.

We got a taxi home, it’s not something that she couldn’t have done herself but, I know how much she hates hospitals and she can’t really carry all of her personal effects in one hand so I thought I’d volunteer- she seemed grateful for the efforts (In particular because she didn’t have any money on her).

When we did get home I had to open the door for her, rearrange her things, cook her something to eat and write out the better part of a paper that she dictated to me; unfortunately, she broke her right hand which means that most dextrous tasks are going to be beyond her remit for quite some time. She’s got family though and she’s got friends, I’m certain they’ll help and should all else fail I’m more than happy to ‘lend a hand’.

She’s going to kill me for that pun.

After getting her settled in it was getting dark and she kindly offered me the other half of her bed for the night, as grateful as I was for the offer, something didn’t feel quite right about it, I’ve not shared a bed with anyone since Sophie departed for India and whilst I do not know whether that statement was issued with any romantic intent, even if it wasn’t, it’s still too soon and sharing a bed with someone cuts too close to the bone- that wound is still raw. I explained my reasons for declining, she simply smiled, gave me a hug and a kiss and said “Thank you for everything Zach” Before letting me out of the door.

And before anyone asks, yes, I did sign her cast- I had to have something to show for those three hours in the hospital.


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