Day 106: Archery

February 27th 2016

When it comes to archery I’m a bit of a crack shot. I don’t, as of writing this, have many ‘well developed’ skills but one of my most well polished skills is in fact, archery. My father used to take me to archery lessons when I was much younger and I’ve been on and off with the hobby for about fifteen years now, at some point in that time I must have progressed from being a novice archer, to a hobbyist to a bit of a marksman. I’ll be candid and state that whilst I’ve certainly not got the accuracy of an Olympic level archer, I’ve absolutely got a more rounded skill set.

Competition archers train almost exclusively at four distances: 18m and 25m for indoor competitions and 30m and 90m for outdoor competitions, whereas my skills lay more in hitting a target at any range and, on the odd occasion, hitting a moving target.

Of course I’m referring to hunting.

It’s not something that I do a lot and it’s not something that I’ve done for the past three years. It’s hard with a bow, I need to be closer than a rifleman and I need to make sure that I’m approaching my quarry from downwind- this means a lot of stalking across open ground and a lot of missed chances.

Generally I prefer small game, rodents for farmers such as rabbits or hares since I know that whatever I kill, none of it will go to waste. The people I’ve hunted with in the past have skinned, gutted and prepared everything they’ve caught, this includes big game such as deer in the Scottish highlands. This is the type of hunting I don’t mind: catch it, kill it, eat it; the form of hunting I am appalled by is: kill it for sport. That’s barbaric and I wish no part in it.

I don’t use a fancy bow with cams and string silencers, I don’t use fancy titanium tipped

Something a little like this.

arrows or any of that nonsense. I use a standard, easy to use, fiberglass re-curve bow that fires standard hunting arrows. It’s no nonsense, ready when you need it and it doesn’t need fine tuning, it does what it needs to- it fires arrows.

The reason I bring this up is because I’ve recently thought about joining a local archery club, I still have my old bow and as far as I’m aware it’s in working order, thought whether the club has more specific guidelines as to the power of a bow and it’s ammunition type I do not know.

But it’s something for me to do and it should be markedly easier to organise than some of the other hobbies I have in mind, it could prove as adequate stress relief too, who knows but we’ll see what happens when it happens and I’ll be sure to keep a record of it here.

For now though, I think I’ll go make some dinner.



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