Day 105:Snow!

February 26th 2016

Snow! I love the white stuff and not the nasal kind either; snow is one of those magical things that really brings me back to my childhood, I’m nineteen years old now, not old by any stretch of the imagination but old enough that most people my age have developed a healthy aversion to the chilly stuff… most people. For me snow is sort of akin to a gateway, in particular, the crunch of frosted grass underfoot transports me back to Yorkshire (where I grew up and snow was ‘semi’ common) and my daily walk to school- walking across frosted fields in the bitter cold just makes me feel like a child again.

Armed with that knowledge I suppose that I should consider myself fortunate that I was snow-angel.jpggraced with even a brief flurry today; the snow settled, for all of about ten minuted, but that was plenty of time for me to don my boots and winter coat, dash out into the garden and make ‘the only’ snow angel on my street. What’s wrong with people? They have no sense of adventure!

After I was done rolling about in the snow and earning weird glances from my neighbors I got up and returned inside. Sadly whenever there’s snow it usually means that I have to clear my neighbors drive. They’re unashamed to admit that they’re knocking on a bit now and the husband can’t clean out the snow as well as he used do, so, I do it for them, I don’t really mind. Plus I actually enjoy being out in the snow anyway.

Were that I knew that the snow wouldn’t last more than a few hours and would be washed away with the later downpour of rain that day, I more than likely wouldn’t have cleared his porch but, then again, hindsight is a wonderful thing.

in slightly more dour news I believe that I need to acquire a P60 in order to confirm my termination of employment from Wetherspoons, this should serve as proof that I am no longer in work, am looking for work and will qualify me for job seekers allowance. It’s not something I’m proud of but it’s certainly something that needs to be done.

As they say “Cash is King”

Past that most of today was spent browsing the internet, I’ve gotten a new date specified for my introduction to a gym, and then, pending my impression of the establishment an induction shortly afterwards. It’s certainly the first step towards building a body that I’d be happy with, as it stands, for my own tastes, I’m just a touch too skinny.

That was all for today though, hopefully there’ll be more to report tomorrow.

Goodbye for now.

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