Day 107: Writing

February 28th 2016

Isolation is what today was spent in, I locked my door, turned off my phone, drew the curtains and shut myself off from the world with nothing but: a laptop, a packet of bourbon biscuits and a travel kettle. It was crucial to me that I had little to no distraction today since, when I’m writing, my mind tends to wander and I inadvertently create far more work for myself than is otherwise needed by spawning several side projects that interest me in the moment, but, from an outside viewpoint, should know will not go anywhere.

The reason for my self imposed isolation is, of course, my Hyouka fan fiction, there’s very little about actually writing that I find difficult, I’ve never struggled with conveying what I want to get across to the reader, even in my youth I dabbled in writing fiction and now, as an adult, I can entertain others with that work as well.

The part about writing that I really struggle with is what writers call



‘Storyboarding’ is what writers call the process of creating the entire story of a piece of fiction, this includes developing the overall plot as well as the individual story lines of each character; orchestrating their emotions and reactions to the individual facets of the story- not only is it physically draining, trying to think so logically for so long, but it’s emotionally draining too, trying to figure out how to resolve the more emotionally charging aspects of the story is more than enough to pull at even the most reserved of people’s heart strings.

To make this easier for me I decided to work backwards, taking my ideal ending and end hyouka.jpgpoints for all of the characters involved is very easy thus, branching out from that final point to an equally singular start point is much easier than working from start to finish… at least it is to me.

Sadly, there wasn’t enough time in the day however, so I finished at around the mid point in the story’s life cycle, combine this with the fact that I’ve already got a start point in mind and it means that i’ll be able to start writing within a day or two.

Good stuff!

But being that I spent the day basically in a cupboard, I have nothing to write about, but today was a resounding success, I look forwards to writing this piece.


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