Day 108: Social Calls

February 29th 2016

following my day of seclusion yesterday I decided that I’d fill my day, mostly, with sociable activities, first of these activities was rather simple, it involved having coffee with my neighbours. It seemed that they were rather aware of the inconvenience caused by clearing their drive of snow when the rain would take care of it hours later and were looking to make up for it with a sort of coffee morning. It was a nice change of pace, since I’m still not used to waking up to an empty house it was lovely to have some company this

After they let me leave, three cups of coffee and god only knows how many biscuits later I decided that I would go and check up with Hannah; it’s rather a good thing I did as well as, when I got there, she seemed to be rather disenchanted with the company of her brother- he means well… he’s just so damn boring. Sorry Daniel. Whilst I was there I did her washing up and resolved to try and fix the dripping shower head that was keeping her up at night (an easy fix with a soldering iron and a bit of heat shrink tubing) before sitting down and steering the conversation more towards her interests.



Hannah is a stunning artist and whilst her day job in fact revolves around computers, as does her degree of choice yet, somehow, she’s managed to foster a passion for painting in her free time, something I never could do. This hobby is, in a sense, what makes her injury especially troubling, I can only imagine what my life would be like if I had an injury, god forbid, that forbade me from playing games or playing tabletop wargaming.

I’m not one to take an interest in art, at least not on an academic level; I honestly couldn’t care less who painted what, when and why, but what I do care about is how a painting makes me feel and, when a painting makes me feel something, I know about it. Hannah’s paintings make me feel things, perhaps it’s because I’m looking at them through rose tinted glasses? Even so, they’re wonderful and hell, I’d buy them. I just wish she’d give it a go, instead of shying away from her easel- time heals all wounds.

Later in the day I had a few friends over, nothing too big, to have a few drinks; it’s almost guinnessbecome a weekly thing now, though it’s never on the same day two weeks in a row and it’s not usually at the same household, still, at least it shows that we actually want to meet up. this was, in all actuality, my first encounter with Guinness.

For those of you who’ve been with this blog since the very beginning you’ll recall I have an absolute abhorrence for beer, in all forms… or so I thought. It so turns out that whilst I might not enjoy: ale, IPA, bitter or mild, I do in fact rather enjoy stout. Guinness is coined as one of the best stouts on the market and I can understand why, I adored it, it was smooth, toasty and tasted very little of beer at all. I will be drinking it again.

After this much socialising, I was just about beat and ready to hit the deck.

I did just that about ten minutes later.


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