Day 110: Katakana

March 2nd 2016

Following my rather horrific experience yesterday I decided that it would be wise to have a rather slow start to the day; I was still rather shook up and I felt uneasy, almost out of place in my own skin, fortunately whilst my own mind was against me the weather was not.rain I’ve already talked through my affinity for the snow, however I’ve neglected to talk through why I like the rain so much.

I’ve heard that it’s not completely uncommon for the sight of rain and the accompanying cacophony it produces, either on the ground or on glass, to soothe and set an otherwise on edge mind at ease, it certainly does for me. It was a welcome sight as I sat down to eat breakfast and was a welcome break from my usual routine of watching the television, something about watching the rain fall and hit my window just helped put me at rest- I was very fortunate that the weather favoured me today.

Because I was more at ease than yesterday I was able to actually sit down and do some studying. My efforts today were rewarded with the ability to remember, enunciate  and implement ten more symbols of Katakana, these were as such.

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The real difficulties from learning these symbols wasn’t, in fact, remembering which pictogram corresponded to which sound, but instead was in the writing of them, more specifically in writing “Ne”, “Ho” and “Hi”. I don’t know whether it’s a common problem or whether my mind was simply playing tricks on me, but whenever I went to write these symbols they always had something different about them- I could write “Ho” out ten times and then show you ten different symbols for my effort. It was exceptionally aggravating and ate up most of my time.

That being said, it wasn’t the only thing that I did today, I attempted to go and take a stroll after the downpour had stopped. Unfortunately ‘attempted’ is about as far as I got. My knee has been playing bloody havoc with me recently and, what was a mild inconvenience at best when I was ascending and descending stairs is now a rather serious problem that is very noticeable even when I walk on a straight.knee About fifty steps out of my front door, my knee gave out under me and rewarded me, for my troubles, with a twinge of searing pain that lanced up my spine.

Listening to my better judgement I returned back inside and attempted to rest.

It kind of made it seem all the more real to me, finally having the knee buckle under me, it was actually somewhat of a shock, I knew the knee was weak at the moment, but I didn’t think it was that weak- it really hit home just how fragile it was at the moment. I guess I wont be helping Hannah for a while then, at least not until the tenth when my doctors appointment it.

In hindsight it’s a good thing I missed the gym appointment.

But for the rest of the day I mainly played games, I’ve been playing a lot of ARK recently and will make sure to fill you in on the intricacies of the game tomorrow, when I have a little more time and when I’m in a little less pain. For now however.



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