Day 111: ARK

March 3rd 2016

As promised, today I will introduce you to the thrilling world of

Riding Raptors!

Ark is an open world, survival crafting experience, set on a large island in the middle of the ocean amidst a small archipelago of smaller islands with distinct areas of the map catering to very distinct micro-climates ranging from arctic tundras to desert dunes, on and one more thing… THERE’S DINOSAURS!

My Nightmare!

That’s right, you’re thrown in at the deep end on this one, stranded on the coast, freezing, with nothing but a loincloth and a strange implant in your arm it’s up to you to show the
prehistoric fauna who’s boss and establish yourself on this island as it’s dominant species.
Not an easy task when the oceans are patrolled by terrifying megalodon and in the thick jungles T-rex stalk your every move. The odds are against you and time is ticking before you freeze to death.

Ark almost invariably starts with you frantically trying to secure a source of heat, light and food in that order. This early on in the game, where your characters resilience to the elements is almost none existent, heat is your life blood and a campfire is your saving grace; it cooks, keeps you warm and lets you see all of the nasties that dwell in the dark- an invaluable piece of kit. Following this ‘minor’ triumph it’s time to thin the surroundingdodo.jpg dodo population, with the axe, pick or spear you’ve no doubt crafted, and finally get some warm food in your belly. Dodo’s pose no threat and will give you a reasonable enough amount of meat to keep you fed up and give you time away from hunting to pursue your next step which will no doubt be securing your position with thatch buildings- they might not stop a T-rex, just hope and pray you don’t encounter one.

That is, more than likely, what you’ll experience on your first play through of ARK before meeting your end at the end of one of the bigger beasties on the island such as a raptor or even a mega-python. It’s easy to die to one of these larger foes and it’s what I spend the majority of my day doing, trying, failing, trying again and learning. Figuring out how to strike out on my own and survive in the jungles of ‘The ARK’.

Whilst this might not make today’s post a terribly interesting read, it is honest and is very candid that today I did very little besides: eat, sleep, bathe and play. What more can you want from a do nothing day?

I’ve enjoyed my rest today and look forwards to getting back to learning tomorrow.


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