Day 113: A Torn Meniscus?

March 6th 2016

Today was productive and, despite yielding results that I wish it hadn’t, was a positive start towards both becoming more athletic and making a solid start on learning the Japanese language, proper.


Though the Caduceus symbol above might be over dramatising it’s outline and, tell tale twin serpents certainly catch the eye; yes, of course, today I attended my doctors appointment and gods it was early! Nine AM! Nine! All right, perhaps it wasn’t too early, but after a late night, having gotten to bed at some time around four in the morning, it certainly felt early. I’m just glad that, even in my fatigued state, I was still eloquent enough to explain to my GP, Dr.Gallagher, what the nature of my problem was.

As discussed in earlier posts, my knee has been giving me a degree of trouble. Of recent,the mobility that is possible to me has been drastically reduced as even walking on a straight has begun to hurt- quite severely in fact. After making the good doctor aware of my pain and its exact nature he proffered forth a possible explanation that I myself had come to before.

A torn meniscus

Of course, like any doctor should, being uncertain in his hypothesis he passed my on to a physiotherapist who would be able to make a more informed decision, after seeing my complete range of movement and the discomfort that it causes me. I struggle to say that I look forwards to that.

In a rather cruel turn of events I ended up walking home and, to make it worse,it began to rain, if you couple these two events with my rather fortuitous run in with a friend, who was also going my way, I suppose you could say it wasn’t such a sorry state of affairs, but you know what they say… both gods and misery love company.

Eventually though, when I got home I began to ponder over some of the content of the meeting that the doctor had disclosed; it turns out that, with the physiotherapists approval, it would be possible for him to slash off half of the cost of a gym membership (once I’m closer to being healed) if I express an interest and he believes it would help. Hopefully I just need to be a little canny in my asking and that half price gym membership will be mine. Citation needed.

The bonus of this goes without saying really, half price off at the gym? Hell yeah!

Finally this whole ordeal has served to aid in my learning of, Japanese. It’s rather round about logic, but here it is: because I have to take it easy over the next few weeks, this means that I wont be leaving the houses ‘as much’ and thus will have more time to myself. Even today this has shown immediate results, with me being able to learn elementary greetings and phrases like: good morning, goodybe, thank you, what is it and the most important phrase of all, ITADAKIMASU!!! (Thank you for the food).

In summary, today has been a good day, painful but certainly fruitful and now I’m ready for a glass of scotch and a warm bed.

Good night.



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