Day 114: Malfunctioning HDD

March 7th 2016


Money had to come of pocket today after my PC tower was dealt a crippling blow in the form of a faulty HDD (Hard Disk Drive). Much like anything, over time, parts in computers deteriorate and eventually a fault develops; I was made aware of the problem this morning after I was greeted with the error code “BOOT_MODULE FAILED TO MOUNT”.

windows-10Initially I asked one of my more computer savvy friends what could have caused this and, if at all possible, what I could do to resolve it. Bennet advised me that I should download a copy of Windows 10 from the Windows Tech Bench site, but it to a disk and then attempt to reinstall windows using the old F8 start trick.

Initially I was met with convincing results, for a start I could actually use the PC again, but it was slow, glacially slow in fact (so slow that when I dragged out a box it lingered for seconds). The PC was functionally useless, yes it loaded up but I couldn’t access anything on it without it taking ten minutes, if I didn’t have my laptop god knows what I’d do…

I was reluctant at first, taking the PC to PCWorld is always an unpleasant experience in my pc-worldbook, I’m not certain why, but I always feel kind of guilty. Taking my rig into the shop is always met with looks from the staff and, maybe I’m misreading them but, they always seem to say “What have you done?!” As if I haven’t taken good enough care of my pc. It sucks.

Today wasn’t met with those stares though, the fellow I dealt with was nothing but amicable and was very transparent about what ‘might’ be wrong with it and when he would have the time to diagnose and repair the pc. I reluctantly handed her over, they had better take good care of my baby. That computer is my life.

As much as it sounds like a joke, were that I didn’t have back ups of my files on an external hard drive I would have lost approximately four years worth of writing, buckets of emotionally charged photos and worst of all, over 500 pages of role play would have been lost forever, that would take months to build up again.

This whole endeavour took me from almost eight O’clock this morning until now, twenty past nine at night. I’m exhausted, mentally drained and I kind of just want to watch a film and go to bed.


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