Day 115: A New Theme

March 8th 2016

Following a review from a friend of the formatting of this blog I’ve decided that I need to, at least, have a design change. The new theme I’ve chose, Lovecraft, is ideal for the purposes of this blog; a mainly text oriented blog which uses a modest use of pictures to aid in the exposition of daily life- this is what makes Lovecraft an ideal choice for this blog. There are of course, like anything, upsides and downsides to this change and I will explain them thussly.


The main positive of this change in design revolves almost solely around the aesthetics concerning the placement of pictures within the medium. Pictures, now, will no longer hang off of the edges of my post and drift to the side, covering important tabs and side menus that are used to navigate the blog.Thisisn’t the only bonus to this new layout though, it also allows me to experiment with different kinds of text (even though I ever sway towards volkorn because of my affinity for Times New Roman).

The layout is more matter of fact, more honest and transparent, surely something that this blog is meant to reflect, at least in my eyes and, even though I am about to explain the negatives, it is my belief that these two positives far outweight the drawbacks associated with this design change.


The down sides of this change are in the past, literally! Now that I’ve changed the design ,and have no intention of changing it back, the formatting I’ve done for a previous design layout may not translate into this layout scheme. As affectionate as I am for this little project of mine I do not have the time to look back through 114 posts in order to make ammendments. Unfortunately I’ll just have to hope that they look decent enough to pass social scrutiny.


To cap it all off, I believe that this is the best course of action I can take, with regards to the look of the blog. It’s smooth, it’s sleek and lends me the sense of transparency that I aim to convey with this blog.


There’s nothing more to say here as much of the day was spent trying to understand how different texts, structures and pictures would look on the blog-fine tuning my understanding of the layout.

The post today is rather bland, the irony of a black white blog post in which I talk about design isn’t lost on me, but I’ve got to admit there’s a certain satisfaction in being able to post something this simple. It’s important and relatively easy to write.

Until Tomorrow.


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