Day 118: Everywhere Aches

March 11th 2016

Today was hard, really hard! My knee hurt so badly that when I woke up and swung my legs out of bed I was almost doubled over as searing pain lanced up my spine, it felt like something snapped, like a joint had ceased and was punishing me for the procedure yesterday; I have no idea whether the pain was supposed to be that bad, but it was excruciating and I couldn’t stand for a good five minutes.

I was Mortified!

I felt afraid, I was scared to my core and I could hear my heart throbbing in my ears, something about being immobile, being completely out of control, it shocked me to my core and were it not for the fact that the pain subsided and I was able to stand up I would have no doubt ended up having a panic attack and calling an ambulance. I cannot emphasise how scary it was.

Following this display of weakness exhibited by my leg, one could only assume that trying to tackle a flight of stairs would end poorly, anyone, that is, except for me and as soon as I put my foot on that top step my knee gave way and I went for a tumble. I clattered down the steps like ton of rocks, bashing my head on the wall and smacking my ribs against the radiator at the base of the floor. Not the best start to the day.

The weird thing is that, despite this enormously painful start to the day, that was the end of it. My knee didn’t hinder my mobility at any other point during the day and it didn’t hurt any more than was usual, it was as if the morning hadn’t happened (at least to my legs)- everywhere else hurt like hell though.

I had a headache that lasted for hours and my ribs felt as if they’d had a ton weight resting on them, everywhere hurt, my spine twinged with pain whenever I turned, my arms ached and throbbed whenever I raised them above my chest and worst of all my abdomen hurt…



Having resigned myself to the sofa for the day, deciding that going around to Hannah’s to help her with her painting would be a horrible idea, I lingered on the sofa and decided to watch TV and study Japanese for the rest of the day, hoping to do as little movement as possible.

As the day drifted on the various pains subsided and left me, instead of curled up in a ball, hugging my ribs and arms as if they would fall from my form, splayed out, aching all over as if I’d done a full days workout, it felt like I’d run a marathon, I’ve ran a marathon before, I know what I feels like, IT FELT LIKE THAT!

Suffice to say, today was horrible, I fail to see, providing someone doesn’t die tomorrow, how tomorrow can be worse.


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