Day 121: Church and Masonry

March 14th 2016

I felt rough when I woke up this morning having only had four hours sleep the night prior, it was my own fault but that was of little solace to me as I cursed my room for its brightness. I spent the night with Hannah, or rather she spent the night with me since it’s my house. I did feel a little guilty this morning, I assume that she’s not interested in a relationship, I know I’m not ready for one but I’ll have to think about it when I’m a little less fatigue. I do not want to lead her on if that’s what she’s interested in, though sadly, it might be a little late for that.

crumpetsAs I pushed that to the back of my mind I decided that I should make some breakfast, not for myself of course but for Hannah when she woke up. The cupboards were a bit bare bones this morning so I hoped that buttered crumpets would do; with them plated up I decided to head off to my appointment.


It turns out that, having attended church last week and then stayed to debate scripture, I steeplewas invited back, whether it’s because of ‘Christian kindness’ or simply because I’m a token atheist and lend a new dynamic to the group I don’t know. I don’t really care either. It interests me enoug that I did come back and today was no different than the last time I went.

I still had to sit through the service, I didn’t mind it really, but it did leave me feeling rather queer; here I am, an atheist, in church, receiving communion and saying prayers tht I don’t believe go anywhere, what even is my life…

With the ‘ceremony’ out of the way it was time to get down to brass tacks and start talking about the lessons from scripture. I could tell ,by the looks that people shot me, when I threw in my two cents on the subect at hand that I wasn’t entirely welcome,  perhaps these people thought that a non-believer had no place in their sacred grounds, much less contesting ‘the word of god’. I didn’t ask, it would have been rude to impose but it was equally rude of them to glare as they did.

I retreated from the steeple soon after feeling a little uneasy, I hope I didn’t offend anyone there but I said I’d give my honest opinion on the scripture and that’s what I did. Freedom of speech is: having the right to piss off whoever you want with what you say afterall.

Freemason LeatherLater in the day I had to go and have another meeting with the Masons. I envisioned that the meeting would be very formal, as such I dressed to impress but it turned out that this wasn’t necessary. When I arrived the constituents of the council that would interview me were all dressed very leisurely, at least as leisurely as a group of elderly gents can dress. Suffice to say their top buttons weren’t done up.

I felt a little annoyed in all honesty; I was only there for about twenty minutes before I was ushered out of the lodge! It wasn’t that that really got my goat it was the fact that to get there took about an hour on a bus and getting home, due to an unfortunate bus schedule, took me top side of two hours in the cold wind. I was not impressed.

I’d love to be able to disclose what was discussed in that meeting, but in order to do that I’d actually have to understand it first. I had no idea what I was discussing, there was a lot of very specific vocabulary that was thrown around and mostly I just smiled and nodded.

That being said, at least the ball is rolling. Hopefully tomorrow will be just as eventful as today.

Goodbye for now.




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