Day 122: Storyboarding

March 15th 2016

Today’s blog starts in a rather unusual matter, today’s blog starts at midnight before I’d gone to bed for the night.

Midnight 15th March 2016: 00:00

I’d been talking with my friend of six years, Lex, for the better half of the night now and eventually we got onto talking about my writing; up until this point Lex had been very patient with me and had bared with me as I tried and failed time after time to write something… anything. Today the cycle of me trying and failing was broken and, in his own words.

You seemed sort of happy, and it’s the first time you’ve been engaged and involved in writing in how long?


The IP (Intellectual Property) I’d decided to write about was Pixar’s latest triumph Zootopia. The film struck me hard but what really hit me was the bond between the main two protagonists, Judy Hopps and Nicholas Wilde, and the way that their completely opposite personalities melded together to make one, wonderfully written, unit that really enraptured me and captured my heart.

I wanted to write about them but that meant writing, something I’ve developed an aversion for over the years; every exercise that Lex issued me, every time he tried get me to engage with him was met with a resounding no, or at the very least me falling flat on my face- it was like drawing blood from a stone. I feel as though I surprised him today though and he definitely responded positively when I successfully produced two paragraphs of prose and whilst that doesn’t sound like a lot it is, sadly, the most I’ve written in over three years.

Lex has fought for me and has stood by me for over a third of my life.
He’s shared in my triumphs, my tragedies.
He’s stood by me when everyone else scattered.
Even when I gave him no reason to.
Friends family and even my only Love.
When they abandoned me, he never left my side.
I will not let him down this time.
Never again.

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