Day 123: Physiotherapy.

March 16th 2016

Today marked the start of a course of physiotherapy sessions at my local health center and I can confirm that it was one of the most unenoyable experiences I’ve had in recent Physiomemory. Like most things it started out fine and the good doctor had me do some gentle stretches, rate them on a scale of one to ten based on how painful they were and then ask me to do a slightly more extreme version of the same stretch. There was nothing wrong with that, it seemed simple enough and I now knew just how far I could reall push my leg, however it didn’t last, unfortunately.

Now that the easy part of the initial assessment was done it was time for a more hands on approach, literally; the doc had me lay on the bench and began to push my leg up against its natural restrains, stretching muscle and worst of all twisting it- it was agony. He didn’t wrench my libs around, nothing like that, but he pushed the joint past where was comfortable and, on one occasion, if I hadn’t bitten down I would have screamed, it wracked my mind with pain.

I can only assume he knew what he was doing though as there was no lasting effect from that particular stretch, the pain subsided almost immediately and I could walk fine on it afterwards; it was worrying for sure but I should have trusted the doctor from the beginning, he, more than likely, has seen this injury tens of times and knows exactly how to work me through it.

The session lasted about an hour, it was painful at times but it gave me a powerful sense of confidence in my joint, of course that could simply be a placebo effect, I’d be surprised if it wasn’t but it’s more than what I had hoped for from my first appointment.

There is a rather large gap until my next appointment, if memory serves it’s on the health.JPGeleventh of April but don’t quote me on that. I’ve opted to have my phone remind me but hopefully, after a month of doint the exercises that have been prescribed, I’ll see a healthy change in the use of my knee by the time of my appointment.

That’s all for now though.


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