Day 125: Errand Boy

March 18th 2016

When I woke up this morning, in my bed shivering with no covers on, I was surprised and relieved that despite the absolutely apocalyptic pain I suffered through the night before that I had no hangover. I’m not a religious man but I’d like to thank whatever celestial force there is, if one exists, for gracing me with immunity to hangovers; I would have been dying or at least wishing I was. Much to my thanks I was spared this horrible fate and, despite a little dizziness when I first stumbled out of bed, the rest of the day was pain-free.

I’m just glad I didn’t do anything ‘particularly’ stupid

With my easy morning coming to an end I decided that I should get a head start on the errands I’d have to run today and believe me, there’s a lot of them. The first task on my list was to go and pick up a worming tablet for my cat, and yes this is the cat that just showed up one day, I guess it’s adopted me and I it, with that being said I need to make sure that it’s protected against all manner of little beasties.

I hopped on my bike and decided to head out into the windy world; it’s become noticeably chillier over the past few days, perhaps it’s just me being used to the indoors or perhaps it’s the wind chill that’s had me reaching for my gloves over the last few days, in any case today was no exception. After about thirty minutes of cycling I was there and back and after another thirty minutes of chasing the cat around the house he’d had his tablet and was ready to go sulk on my bed (he still wont look at me).

After this I had to empty and refill the dryer, you might not believe this to be a particularly arduous task but you’d be wrong, my dryer is about three times too small for my needs and it almost always burns me with steam when I go to unload it. It’s the dryer from hell and I don’t understand why it hates me so…

Following this it was time for me to help carry compost from my neighbours car up to their planters at the top of their garden, again, this might not have been such an arduous task had their house not been situated atop a hill with a thirty degree incline.

Everywhere ached, my muscles in my legs burned with lactic acid and my arms simply refused to raise above my shoulders, they thumped with pain and, worst of all, my mind was fatigued beyond all belief. It was menial work, but for some reason I was tired, I needed to rest and after I got back into the house, sleepy and caked in mud I fell onto the couch and went to sleep.

I awoke the following morning.

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