Day 127: Sickness

March 20th 2016

Most times when you’re sick it can almost be a blessing in disguise, you can lounge around on the sofa, stuff your face with chicken soup and ice cream and, despite feeling a little rough, you can actually have a good time of it, that is if you’re not ‘really’ sick. Today was somewhat of a different story for me and most of it was spent either lurching over the toilet or silently cursing my immune system for it’s ramshackle job of protecting me!

Yes today I was ill, I was properly poorly! I don’t know what I’ve caught of where I’ve caught it from but it feels, quite simply, like my gut has been wrenched around inside of my body and instead of sending food to my bowels it was trying to shove it back up and out of my throat. Nothing that I’ve eaten today has stayed down, nothing, not even water, has lingered in my stomach for more than a few fleeting minutes.

The problem here is twofold. On the one hand, I’m ridiculously hungry and no matter what I eat, and I’ve tried everything, from chicken salad to Weetabix, nothing stays down and I am famished, the second part of this is that because I’ve had nothing to eat and all I’m doing is sitting here sweltering in a comparatively cold house I’m unreasonably tired and all I want to do is roll over and go to sleep, but of course I can’t!

Sleep isn’t even an option because, at the beginning of the day you’re nowhere near tired enough to actually shut your eyes and drift off but, later in the day you’re so uncomfortable and so sick that even the simple closing of your eyes makes you feel nauseous and forces you to wretch like a dog, even though there’s nothing to throw up.

To summarise, all of today, all of it! Was spent cradling a toilet bowl or sweltering on a sofa!

What a wonderful day!

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