Day 128: Quiet

March 21st 2016

There was very little that went on today, In the morning I was in severe pain, my stomach burned and only stopped after I’d gotten something in it, much to my own reluctance i will add because the notion of eating anything other than Weetabix made me physically wretch. I eventually settled on a modest meal of: corn flakes, toast and tea, not the most nutritious of breakfasts but, after yesterday, I was more than willing to accept simply being able to keep anything down, regardless of its nutritional value- call me crazy.

Following this, in the morning a friend asked me to help him out on a minecraft server, I jumed at the chance, recently it’s been quiet and I’ve been plagued with thoughts of guilt and doubt concerning my efforts and future prospects, thus I jumped at the opportunity to do something of moderate use.

Since this culminated at some time in the evening it’s easy to say that I both: didn’t do much of anything today and enjoyed myself more than I can properly express; i didn’t want to do anything else with my day today.

It was quiet and it was slow, but it was my day.

It was a good day.

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