Day 129: Stress

March 22nd 2016


Stress is something that we all deal with, it’s something that permeates our every day life and, if we let it, it can overflow, spill over and cause us to flip our lids- that is without a doubt what happened today and will be the focus of this blog.

I’ve always been subject to a bit of a temper, but I’ve always been good at internalising it as well, in fact I can count on one hand the amount of times I’ve truly lost my rag with someone, it rarely happens and when it does it is always justified. Today was one of those days, given the past two days and my ill-health I was already not in the best of sorts, I wasn’t in my right mind but today i had the rather unfortunate displeasure of socialising with… err… we’ll call him “Charlie” to protect the innocent.

An-injury-is-much-sooner-forgotten-than-an-insult.1Charlie is utterly beligerent, self assured and conceited in the extreme. We all have flaws, Charlie just has more of them than ninenty nine percent of the population. My day started with him showing up at my door in the company of Hannah and “Jamie”- oh joy. Despite my improving relationship with Hannah over the past few my rapport with Jamie and Charlie is less than desirable.

Of course, as is her nature, she invited them into my home and, as is my nature, I gritted my teeth and let them in. It didn’t take long for conflict to start.

“You live like a pig”

“You sleep on the sofa?”

“Get me something to eat!” I will add, there was no please to that statement.

Charlie and Jamie aggravate me to no end, there is no limit to either their stupidity or their arrogance, they are repugnant and vile and the entire day culminated with me launching a litany of vulgar insults in their direction. It was far too satisfying.

Suffice to say, the day was done, and it was… moderately successful, but it was stressful.

That is all.

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