Day 130:Ideas

March 23rd 2016

minecraft block.pngToday was otherwise uneventful apart from a rather novel idea that I had. I woke up, made breakfast and lunch, practiced my Japanese for a little while (Grammar and memorising symbols) and then settled in for a small session on Minecraft. Rather oddly it was whilst I was walking through the almost completely stone center of the city we built when it came to me, everything was so gray so drab and there was almost no colour; I began to think about ways I could spruce it up and it hit me, I could make this colourless city centre spring to life with the simple addition of a few patches of colourful flora, but this got me thinking…

What was to stop me doing the same in the real world?

There are areas, in most cities, that seem to have been forgotten by the council, areas that city flowerbedare aging and are perhaps showing a bit of wear and tear that could do with a bit of livening up- who’s to say that I couldn’t do that livening up? I understand of course that this could require some divisive language and coercion to get going since I haven’t got the funds to start this up myself but, should I be able to get this off of the ground and find a sponsor (of any size) this could be an excellent way to give something back to the community.

The effects of living in areas that are well looked after and that are shown to be cared about are well documented as:

instilling a sense of pride in ones area and bestowing a more positive outlook on life even when stressed or in dire straits

So there really is no reason not to try.

The steps for creating something like this would be as follows.

  1. Find a sponsor to fund the project, either out of the goodness of their heart or in return for publicity in the form of a sign.
  2. Obtain the Council’s permission to alter their property
  3. Finally, find people to help me do just that.

It’s a pipe dream at the moment, but it’s certainly doable and it’s something that people would, hopefully, rally behind and appreciate.

Thank you for reading.

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