Day 131: Urban Jungle

March 24th 2016

condemmed-horse-chestunt.jpgAlthough it is more than likely already the name of an organisation I decided, earlier today, that my favourite proposed name for the idea I discussed in yesterday’s blog is: Urban Jungle. Traditionally the colloquialism is used almost exclusively to describe a metropolitan setting, a setting which conjures up images of bland, flat grey concrete and almost no colour; I decided that adopting that phrase, turning it on its head and using it as a platform from which to splash colour onto the otherwise blank canvas of forgotten areas of the city would be both clever and innovative (Not that I want to pat myself on the back).

Of course the overall success of this endeavor will rely heavily on finding the correct sponsor and agricultural expertise amidst the general populace. I am not a botanist, I’m not even an avid gardener but I am someone who has the idea and vision to show those unloved areas of society some care and attention. As such I will more than likely try to garner as much outside expertise as possible in order to leave myself free to look over and supervise the financial and administrative sections of this plan- as well as giving my full help and attention too.

As stated yesterday, this is still very much a pipe dream, there’s really nothing that I’ve arranged that will grant credence to this idea of mine, but it would be fair to say that all great things start small- hopefully this will be one of those things too.

Ascent to my bold undertakings.

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