Day 132: Hospital Trip

March 25 2016

Today I was asked to accompany my friend, Hannah, to the city hospital to have a follow up on her broken hand; Hannah was understandably nervous, the operation had gone well but today would determine whether she could have her cast removed or not. I’d be nervous.

Unfortunately, after having an X-ray, the doctors discovered that there was a minor complication and that there was a small shard of bone that had dislodged itself from the main body of one of her fingers. Whilst not an immediate danger or discomfort it was decided that the best course of action would be to perform a minor incision into the finger and extract the shard before it could cause any ‘real’ problems.

Hannah turned white as a sheep.

Since she was alright when faced with the prior operation and when faced with this revelation and her comparative high levels of panic I can only assume that, since she was knocked out for the first surgery, her discomfort comes from the realisation that only a local anaesthetic would be used. She did not look impressed, not one bit.

It’s a common fear, or at least discomfort- the idea of going under the knife. I can’t say that I’m overly thrilled with the concept but I, at least, will take it if it is the best course of action; Hannah will do almost anything to avoid it, it seemed. I know she wont mind me saying so but, Hannah just for the record there is no “Cream that will remove the bone” like you asked… that made me chuckle actually.

Apparently it’s a minor operation that will happen on the thirty first of march, will take less than two hours and after a weeks healing she will be able to take off her cast, so it’s catch twenty two really.

Rough luck Hannah.

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