Day 134: Hard Sleep

March 27th 2016

In leu of my recent lethargy I decided that it would be wise to start small and actually get my sleeping pattern back on track; perhaps I’m naturally nocturnal because no matter what my daily schedule is, whether it’s hectic and tiring or slow and restful, I always seem to end up being more awake at night that I am in the day. It’s not inherently a bad thing, hell I actually prefer being awake at night but when most of your life’s duties and obligations fall in daytime hours it becomes problematic at least…

To remedy this I decided to attempt to sleep through the day and awake at midnight, or at least some time around then and, from that point, stay awake until an acceptable time (i.e: Any time after ten O’clock) when I can then go to sleep and my standard sleep schedule should resume.

‘Should’ being the operative word.

It’s, of course, not guaranteed to work but it’s worked in the past thus I can only assume that it will work tomorrow as well. The problem lies in my reluctance to actually lay down and sleep, I get restless, laying in the dark doing nothing but ‘trying’ to sleep, its cruelly ironic that doing just that, trying to sleep, makes actually falling asleep almost impossible.

I get restless, I toss, turn and can’t get comfortable to save my life- it’s hell. Too hot, too cold, nothing is ever ‘as it should be’ and it makes resting, never mind sleeping, almost an impossibility.

I woke up at about half one in the morning, thus this means that I should only have to stay awake for twenty-one and a half hours, I’d say that would be an easy feat but I might be lying to myself there since I’ve failed to even stay awake for sixteen hours over the past few days.

I guess I’ll just have to grit my teeth and do it.


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