Day 135: On Track.

March 28th 2016

Getting up at 5am is seldom a good thing, it’s just not a time of day that harbours good…well, anything! Getting up at 5am is done for three reasons: getting up for work or a plane flight, or insomnia; I got up at this morning, at that time, for the latter reason. It’s good that I did get up in the morning, but it wouldn’t have killed my body to let me rest for another three hours or so.

I’m writing this at eleven O’clock at night and, as of this moment, I can say that this is the most tired I’ve ever felt! I have no explanation as to why this is, I’m sure it’s reflected in my writing, especially since I’ve been awake for three days in a row before, fighting and drinking and I still wasn’t as tired as I am now.

As such I’ll keep this brief.

I woke up at 5am and made the ‘healthy’ breakfast of instant noodles and fried meats… a true health nut I know. Following this I spent the longest time downloading steam games and replaying Dishonoured (Arguably one of the best stealth action games of all time) and this, rather fittingly, lead me to play Thief, the game that inspired Dishonoured and it’s more recent counterpart.

This was where my day got hard, suddenly, tiredness washed over me and keeping my eyes open became extremely difficult, I just felt tired, so much so that I actually considered sleeping on the kitchen floor as I was watching my dinner cook. (I didn’t by the way)

So, as such most of my day has been spent as I am now, hunched over my desk, struggling to keep my eyes open in a desperate attempt to make it to midnight. There’s not much longer to go and I can do this.

Goodnight… soon.


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