Day 136:Making Mead

March 29th 2016

This is a new one on me. Mead is an alcoholic beverage, usually anywhere between ten and thirty percent proof, that is brewed from the produce of bees, honey. It’s often a slick golden liqueur that clings subtly to your teeth and warms your throat on the way down, it’s sweet, smells divine and I could drink it by the pint… in fact I have.

Before going on I’ll tell you this little anecdote from my eighteenth birthday celebration, you can probably tell where this is going to go.

To celebrate my eighteenth birthday myself and some friends went LARPing (Live Action Role Playing) with my current LARP group, The Order of Fenris.

It was the night before the battles actually began and I’d recently returned to the table with a pint of cider, it was reasonably civil and as far as drinks were concerned it was pretty steady-going, nothing too overboard. Little did I know that the group, outside of my few friends, were aware that it was my eighteenth.

A rather large fellow, by the character name of Heimir, reached across, downed my cider in one and, just as I was about to complain, poured me a pint of that golden ambrosia.

DEMOLISHED it and didn’t vomit at all until later in the night where a tactical chunder was forced, I emphasise ‘FORCED’ , on me… we don’t talk about how.

The lesson is, don’t drink kids.

So, today I was invited around to a friend of mine’s house with the pretext: “Going to make some mead, could use some help, got any honey?”. As much as that could be the worlds worst metaphor for sex, it wasn’t; I arrived at their house at around eleven O’clock and was immediately donned with a big apron, chemists gloves that went up to my shoulders before being told to, well… basically do all of the math.

I was the token nerd.

I did get to do some practical stuff with the brewing, pouring the honey and adding all of the yeast that was required but, most of my day was spent taking gravity readings and working out all of the numbers to get the desired product… but, having never done this before and never implemented the equations before… this could go wrong, really really fast.

But we’ll see.

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