Day 139:Slow Day

April 1st 2016

xcomFollowing yesterday, anything could really be considered a slow day but, even by those standards, today was exceptionally slow. My days tend to run in an almost perpetual state of readiness; there are two points in the day that, almost without fail, will harbor someone asking me for help or offering an invitation to go out- it’s nice, it adds a little variety to my life.

The first timezone falls at about ten O’clock in the morning, if someone needs my help with something they generally know it’s best to get my attention before I set my sights on something else. (I’m stubborn beyond all belief when I get invested in something). Usually I’ll get at least one call or text asking me whether I’m doing anything or whether I want to do something; being that my life is a bit dull at the moment the usual answers are no and yes respectively.

But today there was nothing.

It’s odd to me, usually life sort of comes to me so I don’t usually make any plans and, if I do, I make sure people know that i’m unavailable, so doing nothing was just really really strange…

I did find ways to occupy myself of course, it was Friday after all and I had no obligations tokf2 fill so I decided to unwind by delving into some games, I was certain that someone would want to go out later in the day, as I said before, it was Friday after all. There was bound to be some bar to go to with decent drinks deals on!

No such luck though, when six O’clock rolled around and no one had called I’d decided that this was pretty much a do nothing day, there wasn’t really anything I could do at that point other than write blog posts, work on my fanfiction and game so, that’s exactly what I did.

I wish I had something more exciting that I could write about today but, unfortunately, that’s just not the case. hopefully tomorrow will hold more enthralling content but, for now.

Good night, thank you for reading.


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