Day 140:Strolling

April 2nd 2016

After riding on the lull of yesterday it felt wrong to make today any more energetic, it was, despite my moaning in yesterday’s post, actually rather nice to have a day to myself where the only obligation I had to fill was my own indulgence in gaming. Oddly though, I decided to do something a little more athletic, with ‘little’ being the operative word. I decided to take a walk.

About a mile or so away from my house there’s a rather large patch of woodland, at a guess I would imagine somewhere in the range of 500 acres, with some less traveled paths that barely see the heel of man nowadays, thus I decided to take myself up there for a jaunt. It was actually rather enjoyable.

When I set off the weather was not on my side, the wind was blustering and rain was driving in my face, I could have turned back and returned the following day but I decided that if I did that it would never happen. After a fifteen minute walk or so I came to the entrance of a rather thickly wooded snicket. Upon walking through that floral portcullis I was transported into a completely different world. The leaves above shielded me from the rain (for the most part) and the vast expanse of tree trunks blocked most of the wind. Like my own little pocket world.

forest 2.jpg

I felt almost child like, and that feeling grew the further and further I headed into the woods, almost like I was a young explorer again discovering things for the first time; this isn’t to say that I lost myself and went running through the woods like some drunken fool, no… I just enjoyed my stroll and the bemused sensations I experienced- it was nice to have a bit of clarity.

I forgot about time somewhere along the way. I’d intended to spend about thirty minutes in the woods but it seemed that I’d spent three times that length of time ‘frolicking’ between the trees and, when I finally emerged onto the main roads once more it was already getting dark.

As much as I’ve grown to like those woods I don’t think I could find my way out of them in the dead of night, it would be pitch black.

That’s really all for today though, like I said, it’s been slow.
Thanks for reading.

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