Day 142: Second Life.

April 4th 2016

Following the ‘malfunction’ with my hard drive recently I’ve had to begin downloading all of my games again, and whilst this alone isn’t really a problem (since I’ve realistically only been on a binge of Killing Floor 2 recently) it does mean that I now have an extra three terabytes of space I can fill. A four terabyte hard drive might seem a little excessive but, hey it was free so who was I to say no, right?

Never turn down a freebie right?

Sadly, however, because my usual cohorts were away this morning and I didn’t feel like playing by myself Killing Floor 2 went out of the window; I craved some form of social interaction and sitting through twenty minutes of  aggressive ‘Zeds’  just wasn’t going to cut it. With this in mind I decided that I would take a trip down the virtual rabbit hole and see what Second Life had in store for me.

When it comes to Second Life it’s important to know that it is, in fact, a second life and within those digital walls I do things and act out fantasies that I would never dream of doing in real life. It’s not a confidence thing, it’s just that variety is the spice of life and if I was to do, in Second Life, what I do in real life it’d just be a waste…

SlfurWithin the realm of Second Life I’m firmly part of the furry community. They get a bad rep from poor representation in popular culture and onesided depictions in the news, they’re generally just normal people who, in all fairness are more animated than most ‘fleshies’ (Humans)- in fact only today did a friend do a speed paint of an avatar of mine.

By Bartleby- Kind of him to draw it.

When I appeared ‘On Grid’ (online, the grid is the world in which you’re in) I dropped into one of my favourite chill out spots: Knotty Furs Lounge- har har har, I know. It’s usually a pretty quiet place, nice surroundings with chatty folks coming and going almost all of the time, so there’s never really a dull moment. It was here that I met Bartleby and his friend, Toast. Pseudonyms, no matter the background, are almost always funny.

Arimuss is certainly no exception.

Bartleby, Toast and I got talking; it was pretty idle at first and I gained the usual reactions, stuff like “Big stud!” and “Whoa… tall hoss”; it’s all pretty standard fair nowadays but it still makes me grin- at least I know I’m doing something right. After a while we decided that it would be prudent to leave and go off on a wander where we came across a place known as “Dusk”.

Dusk is a quiet area usually used by artists for idling, they park their avatars there and periodically check in to say hello whilst they tab out and draw whatever strikes them. It turns out, as indicated above, that what struck him today was me. I was actually quite flattered.

It wasn’t long after that though that we had to part ways, I should expect that we will be seeing eachother again rather soon and hey, I might even write about it here along with some of my other misadventures and projects that I’ve got underway on grid. For now though…

Until tomorrow.


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