Day 143: Bierkeller

April 5th 2016

The biggest part of today, much like any Tuesday, was Bierkeller. Money is somewhat tight at the moment but with my friends sponsoring my night out how could I refuse; I am immensely grateful for their kind hearts and deep pockets though sometimes I wonder whether they could be putting their money to better use, I’m not one to talk though and I certainly shouldn’t be giving out fiscal advice given my own predicament with money…

With that aside

We went out to our usual watering hole: Myself, Foggy and Bennett, with the notion of meeting up with one or two more friends once there. The most queer thing about the entire evening however was that I was there first and I am never, I repeat ‘never’, there first. I’m normal, I’ll get somewhere about ten minutes before or ten minutes after depending on how early or late I’m running, Bennett is usually the one to arrive a good thirty minutes before everyone else just to make sure he’s on time and Foggy… well, Foggy just sort of shows up whenever.

steinEventually we got sat down and we all held our respective four pints to our chest, as if waiting for some unspoken contest to begin; it’s become somewhat of a joke, over the past few weeks, that whoever finishes their drink last has to do the first song for karaoke.

As soon as the first drop of golden ambrosia touched our lips, it was on. We were away and Bennett pulled an early lead out of nowhere and somehow managed to keep it throughout the entirety of the round. It was a battle for second place between me and Foggy and, just when things looked darkest the big man coughed, some beer had clearly gone down the wrong hole. I gulped and chugged the rest of my cider, desperately trying to overtake him and as we came to the last few dregs of our drink I beat him, slammed my stein down and labeled Foggy as the loser!

Round Loser: Foggy

 And so the time finally rolled around for Karaoke to begin, we’ve all lost a round before so karaoke.pngwe’ve all had to get up and get the crowd in the mood for singing but this time it was the fat man’s turn. His song choice was golden, he chose: Walking in Memphis.

Usually what ends up happening is that one of us will start singing and, to be honest, no one really gets into it (we’re not great singers) so the other two start singing with him and that eventually spreads to the whole crowd. Not tonight. Foggy commanded that microphone, he swung it around and owned the stage and by the end of the song the crowd wanted another song from him.

Walking in Memphis!

He rocked that stage and when I woke up in the morning I couldn’t remember much, but damn could I remember that.. I pity whoever has to follow that up next week.

Probably me.

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