Day 144: Arborist Hack Job

April 6th 2016

Today started off pretty slowly, my stomach wasn’t in the best of states after last nights drinking and I could only really manage to keep down a comparatively light breakfast of toast juice and tea. It was whilst I was making my tea I looked out of my rear window and discovered that, because of last nights high winds, a small conifer had blown over in the night and had broke the fencing of my garden.

Something like this… but bigger.

After resolving to have a look at it after breakfast I sat down and proceeded to write yesterdays blog, since I was in no fit state to pen it last night. With that out-of-the-way and my stomach full of victuals I went up the garden to see what I could make of it.

The tree had snapped, full on snapped at the trunk and would have died within the following weeks or months so, with my fence in tatters, I saw no reason to expedite the process. My neighbour, ‘Bob’, used to be a geology professor and travelled the world studying rocks, I hazarded a guess that such a man might have had a hatchet lying around somewhere. I was right. With hatchet in hand I spend the next few hours hacking through leaf and branch, cutting the tree into segments and tossing them aside.

By the time I’d delivered the final axe blow the sun was setting and the unbelievable ache that I’d somehow ignored until now began to set in, my right arm felt like it was on fire.

Becuse of my late night, early morning and day of exercise I must have fallen asleep not long after I went inside the house, it was still pretty light out but when I woke up this morning it was still dark. Go figure.

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