Day 145: Schedule

April 7th 2016

It was only because nothing happened today that I realised that my life lacks structure; usually something fills my time, be it a friend with a request or a personal project something almost always fills me time. It’s only recently, with the slow pace of life over the last few days that I’ve come to see that I had a distinct lack of structure in my life.

with that in mind today I’d like to talk about a schedule, something that I can put together in order to get the most out of my day whilst still allowing free time to pursue other matters as they arise.

Studies have shown that people who live their lives by a schedule, a repeatable set of goals and times throughout the day, are more productive and proactive than those who do not. I do not. Having said that I believe that it would be worth implementing into my life. At the moment, like most things, it’s a pipe dream, something that I’d like to implement but had put comparatively little thought into actually creating, thus a large portion of today was spent thinking about this.

I’ll post the schedule tomorrow.

forestIn other news the rest of today was spent tending to the matter of the fallen tree in my garden again, it’s bigger than I originally thought and the travel hatched is making progress at a much slower rate than one might expect an axe too; still I suppose it is only a one handed instrument.

bit by bit the tree is being ebbed away and cut into chunks of firewood to be dried out and stored in the garage; I don’t have a wood burning fireplace but I do have a… what’s it called, an elevated metal bin in which wood is burned and people gather around. it’s name is on the tip of my tongue. The wood I’ve gathered will be dried and put into there, as for the leaves and other foliage, this produces a unique opportunity.

I have ready access to a chipper and, after I’ve thrown in all of the branches and leaves and mixed them with soil I’ll have my own compost (of sorts…). Of course, for the moment, it will more than likely reside in my garage in a bag like most compost but, should I ever develop a green thumb I could use it to cultivate vegetables.

Waste not want not.


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